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Hybrid Help Needed
Hybrid Help Needed
12/3/12 7:52 PM
Hey all, I'm doing the P90X/Insanity hybrid right now. I love it.

I am a little confused about the scheduling for weeks 5,6,7 and just caught it now. I'm about to start week 7 tomorrow.

So, the order during these weeks for P90X workouts goes... 1. Back/Biceps 2. Chest/Shoulder/Tris 3.Yoga X 4. Legs/Back

Well, I've been doing it the traditional way with Chest/Shoulder/Tris to kick off the week. Is this okay? Is there a reason they are switched around in the hybrid? Maybe because of the chest/tri/shoulder exercises in Cardio Power & Resistance?

I hope this question isn't too confusing. Thank you for the help
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RE: Hybrid Help Needed
12/4/12 9:06 PM as a reply to boldaddy.
hey Bolddaddy!

You are correct, in why they switch the schedule around a bit. It is really just a way to alternate the workouts up to keep you motivated and interested. As long as you are putting in the work, that is all that matters. Keep pushing!

I have a support and accountability group and we would love to have you participate with us. I have done a few hybrids, as well.

Come on over and post with us.

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