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Just an idea...
Just an idea...
12/4/12 1:07 AM
Im not exactly sure how to get motivated. People saying come on and u can do it
certainly helps but would it not be an advantage to have an individual post for
each workout?

I don't know if this has been done before but say a post is entitled Pure Cardio
for example and u have just done that workout and have a question or a thought then it
might be answered in that thread or commented on.

For example things like

- Got to "x" exercise and there was just no way I could do it without a quick break or 2. Anybody else feel this?
- Did an exercise where my back hurt slightly any1 know why this might be? Am i doing it wrong?

Or maybe something motivational like

- really struggled with this today? Any1 else. Which bit did u struggle with?

I know this would help me knowing that other people are pushing through as well at the same time as me. You could literally post after ur workout and say how you felt and what was good or bad.

These topic would obviously be constantly updated with fresh opinions as everyone is at different stages.

For example I really struggled with (think it was plyometric) - the part near the end where u had to do four push ups, run it out, in - jump, down - 4 push ups etc etc...

I was just like are you kidding?! I cant even breathe! To hear someone else say that same thing would definitely make me feel better and that I wasn't alone.

Just a thought guys as am am struggling a little bit but refuse to give up.

But if this clogged up the forum maybe u could split it into say week1 or whatever.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well. Take care,

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RE: Just an idea...
12/4/12 1:50 PM as a reply to Greg021.
Hey, I'm not a coach or moderator, but, I get a sense from the beachbody forums that they are slightly different from other discussion forums because in a way, the more posts the better, as it is a sign that people are digging deep and searching for support. Getting through the program is the whole aim, and reaching out by posting in, or starting threads can be really helpful, it is certainly helping me; I've -totally- spammed up the thread I have joined to share my progress and gain support from others and it has helped me so much on my journey.

That end bit of plyo is very difficult, I just did it today. Take a break when you need to as form is most important. Today was my final week before month 2, and I managed to do 5 in and out abs before needing to stop to catch my breath, the last time I did it, I only managed 4 (which I felt very proud of), so I am very happy that I have improved, even though it was only by one.

I have found that counting how many you can do before needing to stop for breath, is an excellent way of tracking your progress and achieving mini goals to spur you on.

I always wonder about the breathing with the ski and in and out abs move as there is no instruction. Do we exhale when we are in/ski'd out, or when we are planked? I have tried it both ways, I cant remember what I did today, but it felt right and strong and I managed to achieve more (I think I inhaled on the plank position and exhaled on the out/ski), but I still dont know for certain.

Anyway, keep up the good work, while it doesnt get easier, you'll definitely find you can do more for longer as you continue, which has been such a big motivation and source of esteem for me.

Good luck.
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RE: Just an idea...
12/5/12 1:01 AM as a reply to Greg021.

Yeah there are a lot of helpful people on here and u really need it.

The thing with plyo cardio is that it's the first routine of the entire programme and it is so hard I can't imagine how hard month 2 must be. I might not be fit like i used to be but im only 33 and im always jogging upstairs to get to places, do a lot of walking and am about as active as they come apart from going to the gym.

But at the end of that plyo cardio completing one set of that basketball, push ups, side abs, in out routine I feel like im going to pass out and u have to do the whole set 3 TIMES (it might even be 4, lol).

Goood call with the mini goals by the way. I might even start getting a pen and paper to note down at what point I actually have to take an extra break and see if if i go further next time.

Keep it up. For me the big test is going to be the next fit test. If I don't a reasonable increase it's going to shatter any motivation I'm getting going. But hopefully I should be ok,

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RE: Just an idea...
12/5/12 4:02 AM as a reply to Greg021.
Keep doing the work outs, and I bet you'll smash them ! emoticon

Although, as a side note, some improve with a huge amount, and others just a little amount. In some ways, this second test will be the first with which you can create a gauge as to which ones you need to practice more when they come up in the Insanity work outs. Up until the 2nd fit test, there is no way of knowing.

For me, it is always the globes and the suicides, but these both improved by one or two on my 2nd fit test, which I was so pleased about, as I find them -so- difficult. My next fit test I hope I might improve by one or two more on these again. I certainly will be pushing myself to, but I am always nervous about it too, which is a great motivator to work harder in itself !

Good luck !

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RE: Just an idea...
12/5/12 8:16 AM as a reply to Greg021.
I like this idea, but it's a little counter to the normal way here.

I've found that most of the support is done through "Team Threads" here. The team I'm on can be found Here. I'm not the coach, but the group is very supportive and engaged. There are a lot of people doing Insanity in the group now, so there is a ton of support and tips.
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