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Need help with meal planner and foods?
Okay, I have not seen this addressed yet, but I am having a challenge with the meal planner, as I have food allergies to wheat, rye, and Barley. I do eat some dairy, but very restricted on that. The shakes don't bother me.

So basically on my celiac journey I have found it easier or at least cheaper to not eat bread. I don't have the kitchen or the tools to make it from scratch and a very small gluten free loaf is over 5 US Dollars. I am talking about slices the size of crackers almost. It is just too expensive. I don't have a problem with eating fruits and veggies, but know that I need more. Did I mention I am just starting, just got my program today. I eat a lot of beans and rice and am about to make a weeks worth tonight or more likely tomorrow. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I do eat some, and I do eat cheese.

Besides being celiac I am probably one of the most picky eaters you will probably ever meet! I don't like peppers, I don't like onions (I know they are both very good for me). I do like fish, but I don't eat crustations. I am very particular about textures of things and that will get me faster than anything.

Then to top it off I have a problem finding enough food that I can eat that I know I am under on my calories. Some days, I completely forget to eat. Shakeology may end up twice a day, and I may need a protein shake just to supplement a little.

So then I go to the meal planner and I glance down through it and it is like... nope not that one, oh no not that one either, more bread? Oooh yuck! So I have eliminated the majority of the recipes offered.

So how do I make up a meal plan that will work for me, get me eating enough calories and help me loose weight. I am 243 lbs and 5'7" tall. I know I need exercise in a major way, but I think I have gotten so disgusted that some times it is easier to just not think about food than to try to find something different. I do love the shakeology though!!!!

Can someone help me with this? I have to be very careful with what I eat, and if it is too spicy it will leave me with a tummy ache. My biggies were sodas and chocolate, but that is gone from my diet now. I gave those up easily. I am supposed to be getting 1300 calories a day, but how do I eat that much? I think I have been somewhat starving myself until now, out of frustration at my weight and my choices of foods that I can eat.

Would just counting calories be a good way for me to go? I only eat whole grains also.

Well this is really long and I hope someone can give me some tips...

Namaste Sj
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RE: Need help with meal planner and foods?
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12/5/12 9:21 AM as a reply to Sallyjanecoach.
I'm gluten free but not because of celiacs. I know how tough that one can be and am glad you have it figured out. Given your many restrictions based on celiac's and your picky palate, just go with calorie counting and adapt your own recipes to fit the goals of the programs. Otherwise it will drive you crazy. I'd advise using myfitnesspal on a smart phone or computer to help track your calories and macros.

BTW, If you're looking for a good source of gluten free carbs that won't break the budget, I'm able to find lots of good rice, quinoa or corn pastas that are tasty and much cheaper than a loaf of Udi's or something like that.
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