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Not Really Getting Better at Pull Ups
Im currently on week 5 of P90X and im not really getting better at Pullups. Im strong and everything else. This is the only thing i currently struggle with. I cant seem to get more then a few without using a chair or something to cheat/help me get more reps. Is this normal? Anything i can do to improve? Thanks so much!
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RE: Not Really Getting Better at Pull Ups
12/6/12 6:47 AM as a reply to CoachCorrieMac.
Few suggestions to try:

1) try negative pullups -- this is where you focus more in the negative portion (going down) of the pull up itself. Once you cannot do any more the usual way, then use the chair to get up and try not using the chair on the downward motion and go slower....feel that in the lats. That sometimes helps gain some lat strength.
2) you may want to consider trying the chin-up assist band. I switched to that and it is so much better than using a chair as there is constant resistance in both directions. I use this when I cannot do more then this helps me do more and feel the burn. The position it puts you in is also better than using a chair.
3) another option is using bands instead until you build up some strength.

P90X Certified
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