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Doing Insanity
Doing Insanity
12/5/12 7:34 PM
Hey all,
I just started my fourth week of insanity and im feeling great love the program. I have a physically demanding construction job .

What Im getting at for this post is i like to stay on schedule 110% and when i don't, i tend to stop or have to start over, cause I loose motivation. I recently just got sick on Tuesday and missed an insanity work out and its Wednesday, i will not be able to do one today or tomorrow.

What should i do?

Should i just start back up from week 4 once im healthy?

should i recalculate my calorie intake as not doing any work outs?

i guess i need some motivation from you all, in the last three weeks ive lost almost 11 pounds following the Insanity program and i want to keep that up.

please help,

Much Appreciation,

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RE: Doing Insanity
12/5/12 7:50 PM as a reply to scorcher808.
hey i have completed insanity for my first round a month + ago i started a second round
3 + weeks ago but got sick nov 21st and ended up in the er. well i just this last monday restarted 1st week of the second round.

some times your body needs time to rest after being sick so my advice would be yea restart week 4 but dont overdo it if you feel like your not 100% like you were before you got sick
you could do week 4 again ( so you would do week 4 twice) then go to the recovery week

Month 2 is a step up in intensity and building stamina, so rather than just go thru week 4 once do it twice since you were sick.

your body will stregthen better by doing so.

you can always email me for support or if you need help in motivation, im always willing to help who i can when i can.

hope this helps

dig deeper!

im a coach with team beachbody also
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RE: Doing Insanity
12/5/12 8:25 PM as a reply to scorcher808.

I also have a physically demanding job! Insanity has helped my body immensely and I feel much better at work. I am more flexible and stronger, I also have a lot of stamina, energy, and endurance that I didn't have as much of before.

I think a few days off for being sick is fine, just start up with week 4 again emoticon You're probably ready for the challenge of month 2 anyways! Exciting!

If you aren't doing your workouts, just don't add in the exercise calories, since you won't be burning any emoticon

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