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My All Time FAVORITE Workout :)
After having my son in ’09, I weighed my heaviest, 168lbs. The first Beachbody Program I chose to lose the weight was Insanity. Talk about HARD, but it gave me good results. After about a year, I got board with this program, the music wasn’t that great, I LOVED the intensity, but it just wasn’t FUN anymore. I was hitting a plateau, so I needed to change up my workouts. In 2010 did some research and discovered Turbo Fire. I watched the video over and over and was IMMEDIATELY inspired to get it. I was so excited; I couldn’t wait for it to come in. My first day, I did the Fire 30 twice, because I had so much fun doing it; AWESOME music. Everyday I looked forward to working out, and I quickly saw results. The difference I noticed with both programs is that with Insanity I felt bulky with all my muscle build up, I LOVE muscle, but I wanted to be slim and toned, and Turbo Fire gave me THAT. I quickly slimmed down, dropped pants sizes and toned my body, reaching my goal weight of 130lbs (size 5), the lightest I’ve ever been since 8th grade.

I LOVE that Turbo Fire uses resistance and lower body bands; they worked wonders for me. They look easy, but depending on how much resistance you set for yourself; it can be a major challenge. The atmosphere you get with Turbo Fire is great; it really does feel like you’re in her class, facing the instructor. Turbo Fire provides a modifier to show you how to do the workouts at a lower intensity, something I wish Insanity had when I first started out. For the past two years, Turbo Fire has been my go to workout, I’ve used it so much, my DVD case is falling apart; thinking of buying a new set. I still love Insanity, but if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve started with Turbo Fire then moved to Insanity. After my first round of Turbo Fire, I was able to do Insanity so much better. My cardio was better, my endurance was better, I could run faster, jump higher, do more reps, workout more Intensely, SWEAT more. So for anyone starting out, trying to look for the BEST start Program, I would say DEFINITELY Turbo Fire. It will condition you for ANY future workout and you’ll have fun doing it. Like Chalene said, anyone can do this.
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RE: My All Time FAVORITE Workout :)
12/22/12 9:48 PM as a reply to kristenborden.
You and I sound a lot alike! I had my daughter back in 2007 and kind of hovered around 130 for a while. I had surgery March of 2012 (total hysterectomy), was put on synthetic hormones, and saw my weight starting to creep up. Once I was recovered I decided I needed to act before this got out of control. I had actually bought Insanity the year before and it was collecting dust (well, it was sitting in my DVD cabinet) waiting for me to crack it open. So in July, I began, 140lbs, and a size 10. I did 2 rounds of Insanity, but then hit a plateau and realized I needed a change. Like you, I LOVED Insanity and found it very challenging, but I needed something different. That is when I decided to try Turbofire. As I write I am at the very beginning (week 3) and I can already see a difference. Right now I am 118lbs and a size 2-4 in jeans (I'm in that weird in between where the 4s are big but the 2s are a bit small), and I am thrilled!! I absolutely love the way I feel and have more energy than I ever dreamed. Any fears of weight gain on the hormones are long gone!!!
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