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"The Belly Fat Cure" meal plan book and exercise!! Anyone else tried this??
Hi everyone, My name is Courtney and I did this Belly Fat Cure (By Jorge Cruise) nutrition plan a couple years ago and had GREAT success. I decided I was going to do it again with my next beachbody work out adventure. Is there anyone else out there who has done this? If so, did you get even better results with exercise? Did you modify the eating plan at all for your workouts?

I was planning on doing the belly fat cure with shakeology incorporated into it, and eating clean, even though the belly fat cure does allow you to eat some cracker/snacky foods.

**AND** If anyone is interested, I'm going to be starting a challenge group with this eating plan and les mills combat pretty soon. SO, if anyone wants in on THAT too, let me know!
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RE: "The Belly Fat Cure" meal plan book and exercise!! Anyone els
9/11/13 11:59 AM as a reply to Courtmc155.
Did you incorporate Shakeology in with the Belly Fat Cure diet? I have had success with the BFC as well and want to try with Shakeo.

Let me know what you did please!
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