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RE: ENGAGE fitness for the holidays! Starting between 12/9-12/30
Accountability: Insanity - Cardio, Power and Resistance - Transition week


I'm happy to return for a 3rd cycle with Coach Greg. I enjoy the company of my fellow board members.

I'm in the middle of my 3rd Insanity cycle. I should have been done but I have been traveling for work and it has been more difficult to keep up on the road. I was planning on starting month 2 on Monday but I will be traveling to Germany next week so, I may have to postpone month 2 for a week. I'll try to stay active. Hotel rooms in Europe are tiny and not all hotels have gyms... Anyway, I'll see.

In any case, I can squeeze 2 workouts before leaving. And I will.

Today I completed Cardio Power and Resistance and it was enjoyable.

I shall be back tomorrow.

Good night you all.



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