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Scared of Insanity?????
Scared of Insanity?????
0 day of insanity
12/9/12 5:43 PM
Insanity is the great leveller.
You hear Shaun T walk around the room and ask those super fit video stars about their other programs.
"You run marathons, right?"
"You teach spin classes?"
And the big question he asks - "How does this compare?"
Well, we know from watching the participants writhe on the floor, trying to catch a breath until the next group of exercises, that Insanity does not compare!!!! It takes you out of any comfort area you have ever set into with fitness!
My husband completed a full Ironman. I am a reformed couch potato. On the fit test, he scores a bit higher. But both of us suck wind equally while following the DVD.
I have to admit to fearing I could not do an advanced work out program. A girlfriend talked me into trying. She said she just loved it and had stupendous results. She has been a P90Xer and a marathoner and a general fitness queen. She's always encouraged me to get fit.
The first day after receiving the program, I wanted to see what the DVD contained. I tried to follow along in my PJs, barefoot. Ummm... not a good experiment. Wear your undergarments and footwear at all times, please.
The fit test made me happy - I certainly didn't excel, but I could do some of all of it. Little did I know what differences I'd see in just two weeks - I might have been a bit embarrassed instead of pleased and relieved!
It took me a few weeks to feel that I wouldn't die during the warmup. It took a few more weeks to feel I wouldn't die during the post-warmup. But now I can do it all. Some days are harder than others.
Some people worry about joints/knees for this program. You should definitely check with your doctor before any program. I have had a miniscus tear and also had back surgery about 10 years ago. However, I am careful to bend my knees and land "softly" so as to not stress my joints.
Good mutrition also helps your body grow and recover with the program. Make sure you are fueling well in order to maximize what you can accomplish.
I can't wait to go home today and do my Pure Cardio. This is my second round. I will laugh when I can do more than one of the studs on the video! Usually at least one of them takes a break before I need to!!!!
I'm on level with the super fit! We all suffer equally! Insanity puts us on an even playing ground and leads us to a supreme fitness league.
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RE: Scared of Insanity?????
12/12/12 5:48 PM as a reply to elizgomez.
And how about that second month???? I was kind of sad when I started because I was scared I would never get it!!! But after a week I started really getting the routines down and being able to dig my heels in! That first week sure was a shock, though!
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RE: Scared of Insanity?????
12/31/12 1:11 AM as a reply to elizgomez.
You know why I love Insanity the most???? Because not everyone can do it, but I can!!!!!! Anyone could do it, but most won't try!!!!
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