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IF failure isnt an option neither is success. ITs a given!! super thread
Kicking off another round or starting a new program this is the thread for you.

tired of on again off again workouts with countless day ones?

I feel your pain and I know its all in your head. IT was in mine for a long long time.

Want to know the secret to success in this game? its really simple.

Adequately define failure and Never except it as an option.

Adequately define success and never except it as an option.

Make it a Lifestyle.

I know the story in fact I lived it. overweight unhappy unhealthy and feeling basically shitty about yourself? Dont feel like the lone ranger. Ive been there and done that and so have countless others.

However one day I changed I decided to get INSANITY and to do it all straight thru never missing a day. Now folks told me I got through the first week, month, bla bla bla, people puke on that work out, people go to the hospital. My response was "good a little puke wont hurt me". See I didn't care if I puked, I didn't care if I went to the hospital
(admittedly I didn't WANT to go to the hospital that would be a epic failure in my book.). I was going to do the program including the diet all of it and never miss and never say die.

So, I scouted out the grocery store for all the good foods. bought some multi vitamins and some protein powder and some good shoes to workout in.
I set up a profile and contacted my coach ( luv ya JuJu ;D)
In fact I got a special bucket and and marked it "Insanity blew chunks bucket".( I don't need no stinking work out towel I need a puke bucket) Kept a tally of INSANITY workouts on it and kept it handy (and still do just to remind myself) every time I worked out. I even put 911 on my speed dial. You bet I kept track of my heart rate and wore a heart rate monitor. But most importantly I pressed play 6 days a week for 63 days straight.

And you know what I succeeded. I survived where countless other more fit people failed.
Why? commitment and accountability. And believe me I was tested everyday. Week 8 really tested me. I wanted to take a day or 3 off so bad. but my ethics wouldn't let me I had come to play and had come so far And I want about to slack off so near the end. so I just pushed through.

Now I'm not saying I didn't take extra time to catch my breath or to let my heart rate normalize somewhat. in fact I pressed pause many many times but I never pushed stop until the workout was through. IN fact there were many days I was so trashed I didn't push stop until 30 minutes after the dvd was done. I was just so beat. And there were many many days where I pushed pause every minute at some point in the workout. but I pushed play again a few seconds later and gutted through doing every exercise .pushing pause wasn't a failure to me but pushing stop before the end was. And If I a 50 year old fat guy like me could do it so can you.

so what happened ? I survived I got the shirt then I sat on my butt and gain a bunch back. what happened ? I achieved my goal but I didn't make it a lifestyle. my mind set needed to change from survival mode to making the most of it mode. don't get me wrong you need survival mode to get through the tough workouts but the lifestyle is the only way to ever keep it. I didn't redefine success to fit the new changes Round one gave me. see I didn't adequately define failure because I didn't redefine success. and I didn't do what it takes to make it a lifestyle a new way of living.

so here we all go starting a new program or ding another round of one. SO if your up for it join ne in never accepting failure as an outcome. We can do that by defining what a failure is to each of us individually. for some its getting through the first 5 minutes some blasting thru the toughest workout with out taking a sec of extra time. You define success and you define failure and never compromise you ethics concerning either one. And making doing that a way of life. no more repeated day ones no more off again on again work out schedules no more unfulfilled goals. no more un achieved successes.

IF we only Do this we will know for sure that..

If failure isn't and option neither is success , it's a given!!

So lets get started...

are you with me?
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Day 3 round 2 done !!!

again never miss and never push stop until the work out is done !!
And dont go to the hospital !!
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