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Lean, want to get muscle mass while keeping stomach intact
So, I have done insanity before, but didn't follow the nutrition guide and lost a lot of weight - I became very lean (which is good) but lost a lot of muscle mass too (especially on the arms - biceps). Therefore, I now want to get some muscles while keeping my abs... I am in the 2nd week of insanity now, have been following the nutrition guide and I feel I have gained weight, but not where I should be getting it, I mean my arms haven't become any stronger, while it seems I've got some fat on and around the stomach. I have been pushing myself during the videos and additionally I have been doing some weight exercises with dumbbells as well as pull ups and chin ups three days of the week. Also, I have done some abs training - the 8min abs workout (from youtube), three times a week as well. I am 157 lbs, 5 feet 10 (179 cm) and want to get around 165 lbs. According to the weight gain plan, I have been eating 3350 calories every day, but it seems really too much - I am having trouble eating all this and then as I mentioned I can see the results in the mirror... Any suggestions?
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