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Insanity and Weightlifting Hybrid
I will be starting Insanity soon, but I also weightlift as well. Does anyone does this and if so, how can it work?
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RE: Insanity and Weightlifting Hybrid
12/13/12 2:28 PM as a reply to djpen0227.
you could try inserting you favorite Insanity exercise between your weight lifting sets. make sure you match body parts.

it your shooting for mass your going to need loads of rest and a great recovery meal plan or else you'll burn up the new muscle. 4 days and mass training and 2 days of insanity type cardio work should be good after a strong round of insanity.

if this is your first round I'd basically put down the weights and just do insanity. go hard and when you get done you will be priomed to start a new weight training regimen
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