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Adding Whey Protein to Results and Recovery Formula
Adding Whey Protein to Results and Recovery Formula
whey protein post workout drink results and recovery formula
12/16/12 5:07 AM
Hi Everyone! I am finishing up Insanity now (one week left). I have been taking whey protein (20g) about 30-45 minutes before working out and the P90X Results and Recovery Formula during and after the workouts. (1/2 scoop during workout and 1.5 scoops immediately after workout).

I am going to be starting P90X after Insanity. With the weight training, I assume I should continue to take the whey protein 30-45 minutes before the P90X workouts (on lifting days), but I've been told that I need roughly 40g of protein post-workout. Is this true? Is it a bad idea to add a scoop of whey powder to the R+R Formula post-workout to meet that 40g, and just take the R+R Formula as is on non-lifting days (Plyo, Kempo, etc.)?

Also, on days when doing Lifting and Abs (for example Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X), should I take half my post-workout drink after Shoulders and Arms and then the other half after Ab Ripper X, or should I just take the whole thing after Ab Ripper X or what? Thanks so much for the help!!! emoticon

Also: I have Shakeology for breakfast every morning and add a scoop of whey (20g) to that, and I have a Casein shake (25g protein) at night. Perhaps I'm just taking too much protein powders?
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