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Starting Insaity, Nutrition Help!
Hey there,

I am starting the Insanity workout, but i just wanted to ask you the food that i have chosen if they are alright, and i have a 1794 calorie intake, so this is my nutrition schedule:

Meal 1(8:00 AM): Cereal Bowl - 299 calorie meal
Meal 2(10:00 AM): Vanilla - Berry Protein Shake - 296 calorie meal
Meal 3(11:30 AM): Shakeology - 299 calorie meal
Meal 4(3:00 PM): Insanity Special Sandwich Nut Butter and Jelly - 400 calorie meal
Meal 5(6:00 PM): Steak with Broccoli - 500 calorie meal

And by the way im age 16, 220 pounds, and 69.5' i know I'm way over weight but I'm here to make a difference.

So overall this meal plan is a 1794 calorie intake my required intake is 2668, but i subtracted it by 874. Do you think that would effect my diet plan, and do you also think the meal plan mentioned above is good?

* And i have chosen to have shakes for meal 2 and 3 because I'm a student and i just don't have the time to pack something big neither do i have the time to eat that much in the time given, but im debating to either switch meal 2 with a P90X nutrition protein bar and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese 1%.

Please respond,
Thank you!
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RE: Starting Insaity, Nutrition Help!
1/4/13 2:01 PM as a reply to Jeff159.
I have a couple suggestions.
Starting with a set repeat meal plan is great to begin with. But I highly encourage you to start putting together other options because eventually eating the same thing day after day will lead to failure. With that said you've done a good job and I totally get that being a student and on the go makes it hard to fit in 5 meals.

1800 cals is a great starting point. But, listen to your body. A lot of people start with a set caloric intake and a couple weeks in their body starts sending you signals that you aren't eating enough. If you hit that point where you are really hungry all day up your calories by 100-200. At a 500 cal deficit you would lose a pound a week and you are set at 874 so you have room to move up some. Do not I repeat do not lower your intake. It'll work against you. Insanity is an intense program. Your legs will take a beating day after day they need food/fuel to repair themselves.

My team and a few others are getting ready to start our New Year's Challenge Group on Jan 14th. If you are interested message me and I'll send you the details.

Larry Shelton
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