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12/17/12 7:36 PM
Hey I just started P90X last week, and I'm wondering if this is a good meal plan.


6 Large Eggs
2 Pieces 100% Whole Wheat Bread


Protein Powder


Veggie Burger
1 Apple
1 Banana


1% Cottage Cheese


Healthy Choice (TV Dinner)
Protein Bar

Fat- 61
Carbohydrate- 139
Protein- 134
Calories- 1544

Weight: 232
Height: 6,1
Age: 23

Also is tea ok to drink? like lemon zinger herbal tea with no sugar or nothing in it.
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RE: Meal
12/17/12 9:42 PM as a reply to David1189.
Sorry. NO!

You are doing an intense program and need calories for energy. Read the book. It will tell you the same thing. You need to be eating about 2700 calories a day - yes, you will still lose fat.

Most of your choices are good (except the TV dinner). Now what you need to do is basically double them.

Trust me friend, I've been down this road with 100's of clients. Those that have taken my leap of faith and bumped up, have seen a change. Honestly. I'm not in this to make you add fat.

Hope that helps. I buddied you.

Take care.

Coach Jason
Team Engage
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