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Few questions about the nutrition meal plan and its portions
Ive done p90x workouts individualy from time to time but soon as I get everything in order im starting the full program, no compromises. I want to do the full meal plan approach, following the recipes exactly. Cooking is all new to me so Im a little confused.

Im Level 2 phase 1. Certain recipes say "serves x amount" If a soup ses it serves 8, is that 8 level 1? because level 2 would be double the amount. That goes for everything in this guide. I know sauces can just be jarred and put in the fridge and used when needed. Soups can be frozen. But then you get to something like lemon garlic chicken, it ses serves 3. But I need 1 portion a week at 8 ounces. Also what do they mean 8 ounces? am I supposed to weigh my food?

To sum up my question, am I supposed to be altering these recipes to give me the desired portions, giving the leftover food away, toss it in the garbage? 12 servings of coleslaw sitting in my fridge will be very tempting after my 6th workout of the week lol
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I ended up having a chef friend help me out. To help future people searching for answers i will answer my own question on here.

The recipes are too large in many cases. But if you break them down you can skip the exact numbers there suggesting. For the lemon chicken example. You dont need 2 pounds of chicken, If you look at the serving size you need they'll say you want 8 ounces, roughly half a pound. But you can even look past that and just get a decent sized chicken breast. Your doing p90x after all, you dont have to weigh your food, your body will use this fuel. Everything else on the recipe is just to taste. You can use there numbers as a guide but you dont have to measure how much pepper to put on it, you put as much as you like. build the flavor. After p90x is over and you've now learn the basics of cooking you can start to experiment in different flavors. The core ingredients will remain the same, which effect your protein, carbs etc. But you could change the whole taste and not effect that at all.

For things like sauces where the recipe is for 12 servngs. Place them in ice cube trays and freeze them. They will last about a 2 months in the freezer. Or a week in the fridge if you can use them that fast. Soups can be placed in ziplock bags per serving size and frozen.
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