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Feeling tired during workout.. is it cause of lack of nutrition?
Hi everyone!

I just started BBL. This is my fourth day, and today I did BUM BUM workout. For some reason, I felt reallllllly tired during the workout. I felt nauseous and even break out cold sweat...

Did anybody experience this? And is this due to lack of nutrition?

I did Insanity during Summer.. and haven't worked out since.. :/

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That could be the issue but without knowing what you are eating (if you don't mind sharing that would be great) it is hard to know for sure. If you are not eating enough or working out on an empty stomach then I am willing to be that is the are not going to get the best performance out of a corvette by giving it regular unleaded, food and working out is the same you need to eat enough and you need to be eating the right foods.
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