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Huge Insanity Problems
Huge Insanity Problems
shaun t insanity help week 1 insanity workout problem
12/21/12 10:29 PM
Ok guys!
Background story I was a short distance sprinter and long jumper. I just started insanity (It is my first week) and I'm already having some really big issues. Its day 5 right now (pure cardio) and I couldn't make it through most of the second half of the workout. Its not that I am not mentally lazy, I just cant do them. When I start up, my legs are on fire during the stretch and I push through the pain till I'm screaming but I just cant do it. When I do the cardio, I try to complete the exercises and my brain just craps out on me like its telling me to stop even though I know in my heart that I don't want to. Worst of all, I don't even feel that soar after the workouts! I cant tell you how upset I am and I'm just about ready to restart the whole program! I'm REALLY ANGRY! AH! Also, during Insane Abs, I literally felt NOTHING in my abs at all because my hip flexers could not support the weight of my quads, and ended up being the only thing that was getting work (couldn't focus on my abs)

I'm desperate for any help you can give me. Will my hip flexers get stronger and my ab workouts become better? Should I restart the Insanity Program? What the heck (I'm trying to use appropriate language here but its getting hard) WILL ANYTHING GET BETTER!?!!>!>!>!>!?!?!?>!>!>!?>!>!


The most upset man doing insanity you will ever see.

PS. About put a hole in my wall I was so angry with myself for letting my brain quit on me

PPS. Its my brain quitting, not my body. My heart wants to keep going but my brain keeps saying "nahh dont even try"

Current Stats:
Weight: 157.3 lbs
Height: 5'8
Body Fat% : ~8.8% (Omron Body Fat electric analyzer said it was about 7 but I think it may be a little generous)
Age: 19
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RE: Huge Insanity Problems
12/21/12 11:17 PM as a reply to DillonMcCarthy.
Chill... Insanity is hard. It would be hard for a professional athlete. So no amount of previous training will prepare you for it. Couple things. Are you eating enough carbs so you dont bonk during your workouts. Also, dont try to keep up with the folks on the screen...they did insanity for 60 days before they filmed that. You seem them barely keeping up. Do what you can do and you will get better. Getting angry helps nothing. Push as far as possible then take a break like he tells will improve if you do this. Yes...your hip flexors will improve and your abs will get worked...again patience.
Seriously you are 19 and not over weight just out of shape...there are folks 50-100 pounds over weight doing this Patience.
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RE: Huge Insanity Problems
12/22/12 3:17 AM as a reply to DillonMcCarthy.
The fitter you are, the more you have to push, so its often harder. Especially if you were very fit, and are now only normal fit...I can understand the frustration.

Try not to let your perfectionism enslave you. You already know that its your head making it difficult for you, so its definitely your feelings and fears of failure that are bringing you down here. Remember this when you are feeling upset. No matter what happens in the workout, as long as you keep pushing play, you are succeeding, not failing. We all have exercises that we find harder than others. Right now, I have just started my 2nd month, and there is an exercise at the beginning warm-up round that I cannot manage without pausing for, thats become my new challenge, to do those without needing to pause. But, I dont expect this to happen in my next workout, just take it gradually, set yourself some easy goals on the exercises you find difficult, and then try to do a couple more. I still cant even do a proper press-up, but as the weeks have passed I can now lower myself further than I ever have done before, and get more reps in without feeling fatigued.

Just because you dont feel it, it doesnt mean the muscles are not working, as an athlete you know our bodies are far more complex than that.

Have you got to your 2nd fit test yet?...If you havnt, be prepared for a big surprise, if you do the workouts every day, you are guaranteed to see great improvements.

Slow and steady...

Good one for posting, apart from your difficulties, I am thinking you probably have a lot of experience and knowledge you can offer to others in the forum, so keep us up to date, perhaps even start a blog. Dont let this beat you, but at the same time, dont beat yourself up in your efforts not to let it. Be nice to yourself, its obvious you are a hard worker and your heart is in it....
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RE: Huge Insanity Problems
12/23/12 9:14 AM as a reply to DillonMcCarthy.
I love Tony Horton's (P90X) mantra "Do your best and, forget the rest!"

Another great mantra is "Keep hitting the play button".

I thought I was in pretty good shape when I started P90X. My first clue that I wasn't all that fit should have been how much I was sweating after the fitness test!

After the first workout I was exhausted. My wife actually handed me a mop and told me to clean up my sweaty mess. I felt like I did after a "long run" (15+ miles) while training for a marathon. And keep up with the folks on screen? No fricken way. I'm 6'0", 230 lbs. I do one jump-knee-tuck for every 3 of Shaun's.

But I kept hitting play. And I slowly got better. Now I feel cheated by the fitness test because I'm not warmed up by the end of it. (But I'm still no where near Shaun's level.)

Exercise is personal. Every person's fitness and ability level is different. Our bodies are different. We have to make personal adjustments, and we can only do what we can do. Some of us are working around injuries.

The key is to keep coming back every day and try to do better. Keep track of how you do so you have goals the next time. For example, one of the videos has us doing straight arm circles for like 5000 minutes (ok I'm exaggerating bit). I still can't make it all the way through those without taking a break. When I started I was only getting about 30 seconds in before the break. Now I'm over 90 seconds. I used to do about 3 jump-knee-tucks in 30 seconds, now I'm getting 8-10.

Stop comparing yourself to those professional athletes on the screen, and start comparing yourself to your yesterday self. It will bring some "sanity" back to the program. You will see improvement, feel better about yourself, and stay motivated.

Good luck!
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