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Insanity Challenge Group Starting Dec 31st!
I can hardly think of a better way to bring in the new year than to do so knowing your on track for to meet your goals.

I'm inviting anyone who is ready for this challenge to join my group which is starting Insanity on December 31st. We also have a Facebook Group for this accountability group, so if you want even more interactions let me know and I'll add you on FB in order to join the group.

Start Date: December 31st, 2012
FB Group Name: Push Hard No Excuses - Insanity Challenge

My Commitment
To provide advice, help find answers to questions, encourage and lead by example.

Your Commitment
- Update this thread or the FB group every day after your workout
- Encourage others
- Eat the best possible nutrition during this program (and hopefuly going forward emoticon), even better, follow the nutrition guide.
- Do the fit test, take your before and after pictures and record your weight before and after
- Have fun and try to bond with the group!

Any questions, please ask!

Let's get in crazy shape together in 2013!
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RE: Insanity Challenge Group Starting Dec 31st!
12/27/12 10:34 AM as a reply to GilbertP23.
How We Will Win!

Know your Why!
Set your goals, keep visual references to what motivates you. Whatever your WHY is. Keep it top of mind, make sure you can't forget it and chase it. When you struggle, when you fall or when you don't feel like pushing play, this is what will get you through.

I tell everyone that getting fit is almost all about Nutrition. I believe the effort is 20% in the living room/gym and 80% is nutrition. You can’t outwork a bad diet.
If you want the best results, follow the nutrition guide, ask questions, and focus on this as much as you do the workouts.

It’s Not All About Weight Loss
The great thing about Insanity is the fit test. Your biggest indicator of progress is truly your results before and after. Push play daily and your results will get better. Another indicator is your waist line and how your clothes are fitting.
Just don’t get on the scale every day and expect it to consistently go down. This is a process, and it won’t occur overnight.

Take you’re Before and After pictures so you have something visual to compare yourself to.

Work Hard but Don’t Get Hurt
Test your limits but stay within them. Adjust, adjust, adjust! Form is always more important than more repetitions.
For example, if you have trouble with your knees, don’t fully jump. Make a jumping motion without getting off the ground!

Push Hard, No Excuses!
Make every effort to show up every day, it takes 21 days to build a new habit, let’s make sure to turn working out into your newest healthy habit. And you already workout regularly, let’s keep it going!

Everyone is welcome! Other Coaches too!
If you are a coach, don’t be shy about joining and inviting others to this group, we want an active group and I’m happy to work together to reach as many people as possible.
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