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Mixing workouts with Hockey
Mixing workouts with Hockey
12/23/12 8:00 AM
I'm looking at putting together a workout program to get my in better shape for this upcoming summer and figured the earlier I start, the better. I finished all 60 days of Insanity back in November before Thanksgiving and haven't been anything besides a couch potato since then. I play in a hockey beer league 2 days a week and play pickup when I can. I'm looking to lean out, lose some gut fat, and build my speed, endurance, and explosiveness.

I want to start either another round of Insanity or the new Les Mills Combat in January and mix in some weight lifting from the plan I've put together. I want to see what you guys/gals thought about my plan and tell me if I'm overworking or if it looks like something that is attainable.

Workout Plan:

Complete Insanity or Les Mills Combat based on included schedules - Workouts in morning before work

Ice Hockey 2 days per week, typically Sunday and Monday Nights

Lifting at Gym(Each workout averages 45 mins) - Workouts after work in afternoon, before dinner

Bis and Tris
Dumbbell Curl – Standing
Tricep Pushdowns – Straight Bar
Hammer Curl – Standing
Tricep Kickbacks – Dumbbell
Wrist Curl – Dumbbell, Palms-Up
Tricep Press – Dumbbell, Seated
Push-Ups – To failure
Dips -To failure

Shoulders and Legs
Plie Dumbbell Squat
Front Incline Shoulder Raise
Leg Press
Upright Rows - Dumbbell
Romanian Deadlift
Side Lateral Raise
Leg Curls - Lying
Shrugs - Dumbbell
Lunges - Dumbbell
PullupsCalf Raise - Dumbbell, Standing

Chest and Back
Bench Press – Barbell, Flat
Seated Cable Rows
Bench Press – Barbell, Inclined
Lat Pulldowns – Wide-Grip
Front Dumbbell Raise
Back Extension
Pullups - To failure
Dips – To Failure
Push-Ups – To failure

I noticed some muscle loss after doing Insanity even though I leaned out. I'm looking to put myself into a win/win situation this time around.

I'll also plan on sticking with the diet plan in the Insanity program. I did about 450 cals per meal and if adding in lifting, might move up to 500 cals per meal or 2500 cals per day. 3000 on hockey days.

Like I said, I completed all 60 days of Insanity. Was it easy? No. Do I want to do it again? I will till I start. Will I Dig Deeper and push through? OF COURSE! My concern is how will adding in this lifting workout on top of Insanity or Les Mills and the 2 hockey days affect me?
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