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How to avoid the junk food at tomorrow's Christmas feast?
How to avoid the junk food at tomorrow's Christmas feast?
nutrition diet cravings healthy eating christmas sweets cookies
12/24/12 2:21 PM
So, tomorrow's Christmas but I already see my family pulling in tons of sweets; I'm talking the whole stash of Oreo's, cookies, fried chicken, biscuits, cakes, sodas, and basically everything I'm trying to avoid for INSANITY.
The problem isn't really finding something healthy to eat; I know there will be some turkey, brown rice, and vegetables there too. I just really want to find a way so that I don't cheat tomorrow. I've already cheated on a meal like 2-3 times this month already (fried chicken, graham crackers and a really big cookie). I've just started another round of Insanity but I want to make it without cheating this time.

So, any tips for tommorow?
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RE: How to avoid the junk food at tomorrow's Christmas feast?
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12/24/12 3:15 PM as a reply to singeress.
not really a tip but stay strong.

this christmas i have made sure that in my shopping its all healthy on track stuff. will be lots of fish, steamed veg, fruit

though my housmates have enough food to rival walmart. so.... be strong... stay focused... and if the worst happens... a small treat is not going to hurt.

i usally do a payback system. whatever i eat thats bad... i have to burn it off plus 100 cals. or even a chcloate brownie means 20 mins on the rower

anyway... happy holidays

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