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Need your help, trying to fix my caloric intake
Hi guys,

I am about to start my first round of P90x and I understand the importance of nutrition in getting the results that I want that's why I want to be spot on with my nutrition from the beginning. I am a beginner and for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to educate myself in nutrition starting from literally 0. I hope you can spare some time and help me where I'm stuck. I am 73kg and 175cm tall with BF 23.5%. My goal is to get into shape and bulk up a bit. By p90x nutrition guide I fall in the level II category which means I have to be consuming around 2400-2999kcal.

So I have been trying to follow this method (the video on youtube:link) of calculating caloric intake through firstly knowing your caloric daily need and then dividing it to 50% protein 30% carbs and 20% fats in the case of the fat shredder phase and then converting it to grams to be precise in knowing where everything falls. To simplify it for myself I have made a spreadsheet which is presented below. (for the record Laban is a kind of dairy drink that I have added which is like milk and has a lot of nutritional value and is very tasty). These calculations are for all of the food summed up for a whole day. I am having problems with the following:
  • As you can see below I can hit my target regarding carbs and fats(I can add a half tablespoon or so of olive oil to mend it). However I have a problem in raising my protein level to 300g. The only thing that i can think of is adding chicken breast more in order to fill the gap because it is the highest in protein with no carbs in it. Is it possible to add protein blocks to the p90x program this way? if not. Then how can I mend it. Please help. Or is adding whey protein to my mix going to fix this problem?

  • I want to incorporate Shakeology and p90x protein bars to my mix but I cant seem to able to do it due to the high carbs available in both shakeology and p90x protein bars. So how do you recommend doing it and how did you do it?

  • Please give me your opinion of my spreadsheet. Am I going to be over eating with this much calorie intake?

I apologize for the long post and thanks
If the screenshot is not clear click here

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RE: Need your help, trying to fix my caloric intake
12/25/12 11:39 AM as a reply to RMS6.
Congrats on starting P90X! Great program. What is your overall goal. Your education on nutrition and dedication to the nutrition guide is great and will help you maxmize your results. I think you can add protein via a chicken breast and or protein powder shake alone or added to shakeology. The protein bars are great when you are short on time.

I would love for you to join us at our support & motivation thread! Great group!

Happy to help with any questions!

P90X Certified Trainer
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RE: Need your help, trying to fix my caloric intake
12/27/12 10:15 AM as a reply to RMS6.
It seems like you are really organized in planning your meals. It is important to get your protein intake. Protein is what your body uses to rebuild skeletal muscles...If I were you I would hit your protien target even if you bust on your over all calories per day. 1200 calories seem a bit light and you may have more sucess by increasing that anyhow.

I hope that helps.
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RE: Need your help, trying to fix my caloric intake
12/28/12 6:04 AM as a reply to RMS6.
I have re-planned my nutrition in order to get that 300 grams of protein while still hitting the mark for carbs and fats intake which i think is really good. I did it through increasing the protein blocks provided by the nutrition plan, I dont know if its okay to do that but i was able to hit the mark this way. However I do not know if it will be a lot of food to handle in 1 day but I will test it for a couple of days before starting the p90x exercises.
If you cant see the image click here

I have a couple of questions on my mind though
  • Dont you think 300 grams of proteins a day is a bit excessive ? (I read that your body requires 1g of protein per pound of your body weight}

  • Is it fine to add additional blocks in the p90x nutrition program in order to hit the required % marks of P/C/F??

  • What do you think of my revised nutrition version?

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