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Starting INSANITY and questions :P
Starting INSANITY and questions :P
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12/25/12 7:23 AM
Hi all,
I've finally got INSANITY and I'm going to be starting later on today. I need some feedback on what to eat.

Unfortunately I'm not able to stick to the ELITE NUTRITION guide because I go to school, live with my parents and I'm not able to cook emoticon I'm not planning on losing much weight, but just converting fat to muscle. I did the Harris Benedict Equation and calculated my caloric needs, then I multiplied it by both 1.55 and 1.7 which gives me a range of about 3200-3500, though I don't think I'll be able to get that much. Perhaps I will just focus on eating as much protein as I can through the day and aim to lose weight, then towards the end of the programme that range will drop a little, befitting my current eating habits. So lets take away 500 calories from my range giving me a target of 2700-3000 calories per day.

Here's going to be my eating schedule, (I live in UK so names of foods may be different)
7:30 Breakfast Meal: 60-80g Special k Oats&Honey or Red berries
11:00 Interval Meal at school: Bagel with Bacon
13:00 School Lunch Meal: Varies, but I'll try and get as much carbs, protein and veg(brocolli etc) on my plate as possible, and perhaps skip the desert?
16:00 Insanity workout
17:00 50g PhD Protein shake
18:30 Dinner (can't make my parents eat what I want everyday)
20:00 Some fruits

Does this seem like a good daily food plan? If not where should I make amendments?

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RE: Starting INSANITY and questions :P
12/25/12 9:20 AM as a reply to deano258.
Does any one have any input?
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