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Nutrition Tips for Irregular Working Hours and Remote Location
My boyfriend and I are about a month into the Insanity program. For the most part, we try to do the best we can with a good balance in nutrition, but the with the schedule we work, it can also be a bit tricky. We're both geologists at a gold mine and we usually work four days a week. During those four days, we're up at 4 in the morning and have to commute over an hour into the desert wilderness to the mine site and will work roughly 10 hour hitches from 6 AM to 4:30 PM. We usually work out as soon as we get home and have a small amount of time to relax before crashing for the night. Because of our long shifts, we have to pack lunches as there's no food options on mine site and no real kitchen save for a fridge, sink, and microwave. My issue is that I'm not very good at figuring out what to pack for breakfast and lunch that will get me through those long shifts so I've got enough calorie intake to get through the workouts when we get home from work. Does anybody have any good ideas for what my boyfriend and I could pack in our lunch boxes considering our remote work location and lack of cooking appliances at work aside from a microwave?
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RE: Nutrition Tips for Irregular Working Hours and Remote Location
12/25/12 8:19 PM as a reply to rchitwood81.
My first recommendation is going to be Shakeology. You can drink on the drive. Adding Skim milk and frozen berries will bulk it up too.
I have mine as I am getting ready for work.

While we don't have an hour commute, we are up at 4:30. We have a salad container (the spinner that stores). We make a huge salad and pack some in a container each night. You can keep cans of tuna and salmon with an opener to add to the salad. You can also add canned beans.

Making a big pot of quinoa or brown rice at the beginning of the week also helps. I keep frozen vegetables or fresh chopped in a baggie. Heat them separately and mix together with a side salad.

I do the best when I plan ahead and make easy prepared meals. Yogurt and berries is also quick and easy. Good luck.
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