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Started 3/4 on Xmas.
Started 3/4 on Xmas.
12/25/12 11:10 PM
Currently six weeks into the program. I actually got to 3/4 once before, a year and a half ago, but an injury sidelined me for awhile. This time I've been healthy and haven't any interruptions in the flow of my routine schedule.

It's interesting how much more difficult 3/4 is. I never had to rest for either 1/2 routines, not even close. I was doing very well the first 20 minutes or so into 3/4 Sculpt and then...BAM! Those lunges got me. I think I got too cocky the first 20 minutes or so, lol. Also, I adjusted my workout calender so I could have Xmas eve and day off, so coming into it after not moving around much and "indulging" a bit for the holiday's was probably a bad idea. Then again, my diet is so good now I felt I needed to treat myself at least those two days. Eh.

This time, however, I'm checking my ego at the door. If I have to take occasional breaks the first week or two, fine. When I start something new and more intense I usually struggle a bit the first week and then I start adapting to it. How long did it take you guys to start mastering 3/4 so to speak?
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RE: Started 3/4 on Xmas.
12/26/12 10:53 AM as a reply to Robert77.
You are doing great! I think 1-2 will have you up to par. When I learn a new workout I make small goals - one more lunge, rep etc. I keep track of this and it helps me see my progress. Do you track?

I would love for you to join us at our support & motivation thread! Great group!

Happy to help with any questions!

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