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Add some mass, not slim off as im already the right weight for height!
Add some mass, not slim off as im already the right weight for height!
wieght gain add weights add mass adequate nutrition
12/27/12 12:10 PM
Guys... Anyone

Im about to embark on my 90 days in the near future and Im planning it all out now.

Im 36, 6ft 2 and 176lbs (12.6 stone)... so my weight for my height is supposedly absolutely perfect according to medical charts.

Im not overweight, Im not underweight and Ive been described as an athletic build. If however I lose weight, I WILL begin to look too skinny... muscular... but skinny! I have a pretty good metabolism and can eat pretty much anything I want... Its actually been tough for me in the past to gain lots of weight.

I have read this through P90x Mass

My goal therefore is 2 fold:

1. Put one some additional muscle mass + general mass (as we know, muscle is 3x denser than fat, so need to ADD muscle mass to make up for fat loss).
2. Tone up the mass I gain.

So, I understand the principle that I will need to alter my workouts to include lower reps with heavier weights. My read in, is that I should do weights one day, then more cardio type work the next and alternate.

From anyone who has any experience on this, along with my goals, has anyone thoughts on the following:

1. Let’s assume I need to eat 2000 calories a day on the suggested P90x nutrition plan, at a ratio of 4 x Protein to 1 x Carbs (cant remember if its 4-1 or 3-1). To add additional mass at a nice pace... how many additional calories should I be eating a day? An extra 1/4 (500 calories), an extra 1/2 (1000) calories etc? (is there some rough ratio here?)

2. If I need to eat more, should I mainly cram that in as protein? (eggs, meat etc) or do we think drink supplements would work best? Or maybe just generally increase portion size of what Im eating?

3. Would there be additional gains from performing a small weights workout after a P90x weights workout e.g. 1 x set of 6-8 bench presses, 1 x set of 6-8 Squats etc?

4. Has anyone else with a similar story/setup to mine had success in maintaining/increasing their starting build, whilst toning up; who would care to share their experience on how they achieved it?

Many thanks

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It gets hard to add only muscle mass and not any body fat. You would need to have your diet dialed in pretty close. Also, large amounts of cardio can be counter productive to adding muscle mass due to the aerobic nature of being catabolic and not anabolic.

You will need to increase both protein and carbs to help gain mass. Typically someone trying to do this will have a "bulk cycle" where they will add muscle AND some body fat and then do a "lean cycle" where they try to keep the lean mass put on and loose the body fat. This all can be a confusing cycle.

My suggestion is to increase your caloreis, skip the Plyo workouts and stay with the less intense cardio. I would lift heavy and keep it in the 6-8 or 8-10 range depending.

If you really want to add mass I would check out Body Beast. It it designed perfectly for what it sounds like you would like to do.

Whatever you decide, I would not follow up with any other workouts outside your P90X or if you decide Body Beast. I would lift as hard as you could during your workout and let that be that.

keep me posted!
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Hi Steph

Thanks for the reply. Ive done plenty of reading over the last few months, but never had anyone elses input, so its appreciated! emoticon

Ive had a quick look at body beast... and think Ill tackle the P90x first.. but in the style we both agree (heavier weights, lower reps) and my read up for me, would be Ill need to start on around 3100 calories a day to be keeping my size around where Im at, whilst putting on that extra bit of muscle... though as you say, its probably going to be quite a tight diet to keep that in the right region.

Hopefully though, the plan is once I start this, it wont just be the 90 days... so if I put on some extra fat, Im sure another 30 days and I can work that off with some variation to diet and routine... or I could always move onto the body beast if I want to really get bigger at that point.

Either way, Im sure wherever I end up, ill be further along than where I am now, which is sat on my backside, reading about it, rather than doing it... but research helps right!

So, in a nutshell.. (unless you have any other ideas or anyone else chips in) is:

- Take some form of protein shake with good calories + carbs level both morning + night.
- Good breakfast, hopefully with plenty of protein + carbs + calories.
- Lunch + dinner, increase the portion size to get in the rest of the calories.
- Maybe add snacks of some form throughout the day (nuts etc).
- Dont do so much of the heavy cardio... but do the rest of P90x with weights on low reps... and keep it alternating around muscle groups.
- WORK OUT for 90 DAYS! emoticon

If no-one else has anything to add.. ill check back on this post from time to time and update!


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