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need help with p90x
need help with p90x
calories diet shape body fat p90x questions p90x support p90x help support
12/27/12 9:09 PM
i am 15 years old 5'11 155-157lbs 13-14% body fat I need help i don't know if i should lose more weight or try to build muscle.Like am in the shape to build muscle because people say that you should be under 12% to build muscle if you want it to work. It seems like a lot of fat is around my stomach area which really sucks cause i would really like to get a six pack from this or something close to it. For the past two months i have tried to lose weight and i lost 15 pounds but i find it hard to do the p9ox diet now because i have to eat so many calories with all healthy foods. I like a lot of the foods too it is just hard to eat 2400 calories a day. also i try my best throughout all the workouts but can never really do as much as tony and the others sometimes is that ok?i just started my three week. Here are pictures of me if you want to see want i look like

Thank you to anyone who try to help in anyway
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