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Supergym Calendar
Supergym Calendar
12/27/12 11:09 PM
I know that only some programs have automatic scheduling options but I had an idea. I just added a whole month's worth of workouts for Yoga Booty Ballet. I plan on doing another round of it and I would like to save my inputted month of workouts so I can use it again in the future without going through and entering each session.
I would also like to see an other workout option that we can type in. Right now, you can click 'other' and then specify a time. I would like the ability to type in my activity and also specify a time. For example, I would like to type in 'pushups' or 'squats' to know what I have schedule for that day, instead of it just saying 'other for 20 minutes'.
I think in general, the supergym calendar could use an modern overhaul. It's quite frustrating to work with, schedule workouts, fix mistakes, etc. It's definitely something Team Beachbody should focus on making better, especially since we log in and use it EVERYDAY! It should be a seamless operation.
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