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How to stay motivated..
How to stay motivated..
12/28/12 11:18 AM
I've lost 34 lbs since March with Turbo Fire. Many people ask me how I stay motivated. Well, after seeing the progress with my before and after pics, I figure, how can I NOT stay motivated? I can't stress the importance of those before and afters. When you actually SEE the results, you just want to keep going.

I'm battling a quad injury at the moment and cannot do Turbo Fire or Les Mills Combat the way I would like. However, I can at least do upper body work. I also am still even more careful of what I eat because I'm not working out as intensely as usual. Trust me, it can be hard because I am a food addict. I would eat 3 donuts for breakfast. Don't think for one minute that evil food voice inside my head isn't telling me to pig out. Difference is that now, I know how to "squelch" it. I've come too far to turn back now. I have those before and afters on my fridge and in my workout room. I was the laziest person on earth before I made the choice to get up so Chalene could get me out...LOL !! If you need help with motivation, or you feel like your stuck, connect with me and I can tell what's working for me and hopefully, my experience will help you !!

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