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Insanity vs P90X vs Body Beast - My personal review
Insanity vs P90X vs Body Beast - My personal review
p90x insanity body beast hybrid
12/28/12 5:55 PM

I am in the middle of Body Beast and I thought of writing my opinion of these 3 programs.

Before I start, here is my record with these programs

Program: P90X
Year: 2008
Diet: NONE
Results: Lost 55lb. Some muscle gain

Program: Insanity
Year: 2012
Diet: NONE
Results: Lost 12lb. No muscle gain, but CRAZY resistance

Program: P90X/Insanity Hybrid
Year: 2012
Diet: Some P90X Fat Shredder
Results: 5% body fat reduction. 5lb of muscle

Program: Body Beast (3 Weeks)
Year: 2012
Diet: Body beast diet
Results: 2lb of muscle

Now that I have mentioned what I have done, I want to start by saying that all programs are AMAZING!! and it is up to each person's goal or life style to decide which one to chose. Here are my reviews:

  • This was the most extreme of all videos, but it is the one I enjoyed the most.
  • The videos seem to be shorter, but I think that due to the intensity, you feel they go really fast
  • It is intense from beginning to end.
  • You can see the people in the video almost dying doing the routines. So I didn't feel I was the only one who was almost about to throw the towel.
  • YOU DON'T NEED EQUIPMENT. This is really good when you have to travel for work
  • You will have iron legs after Insanity

  • Once you get to know the routines, in my case it got harder and harder to do certain videos. So at the end, I wasn't enjoying some of them too much
  • Not a lot of upper body workout. Especially arms
  • It doesn't have a generic diet like the other videos

  • You really workout all your body. It is extreme and it is not as fast paced as insanity.
  • Flexibility. You get to be really flexible, it is tough, but at the end I enjoyed it. When I started, I couldn't even touch my ankles. I am not a yoga master now, but I can see huge improvements.
  • The Diet. It is really, really good. All the phases are well defined and you are not limited to the recipes in the book. You can adjust your lifestyle to the P90X Diet.
  • Upper Body workouts. They are really good and will keep you fit.

  • Since it is not fast paced, 90 days get to be really a long time. So I had to push extra hard to finish the 3rd month.
  • The people in the videos are not motivating (Nothing against Tony Horton) but when you're tired like crazy I didn't find motivating finding the folks in the video acting like it was nothing. This is a personal preference.

Unlike P90X or Insanity, I've been doing this routine for only 3 weeks at the moment of writing this review.
  • As advertised, this is for muscle growth and to bulk up. Routines are very hard and the combination of exercises are out of this world.
  • You can start seeing results very quickly

  • For someone who just finished P90X or Insanity, I found the lack of cardio somewhat shocking. However, I understand that is part of muscle growth
  • The diet doesn't have alternatives, so basically, you need to plan for 90 days with close to no social life. You need to be committed to the training.

All 3 routines are FANTASTIC!!! It just depends on personal objectives. But one thing I can say, from my point of view, is that both P90X and Insanity are a lifestyle. The diets, the routines will fit on any kind of life and with people with any kind of job. You have the flexibility of traveling, eating out with friends or family and not feeling guilty if you cheat once or twice.

Body Beast is a hard core training routine to bulk up. It is for someone who wants to commit to 90 days of good hard workout, but sacrificing some day to day activities. It is a personal choice, but you will see the results. And definitely, it is not for someone with heavy travel schedule.

I hope this helps.

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