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Insanity Hybrid
Insanity Hybrid
12/28/12 10:21 PM
I just got Insanity from a friend who was not using it. On Christmas I got the Skogg system, so I decided to do a hybrid of the 2. 1 Day Skogg and 1 Day Insanity. Following both calendars alternating between the 2. I figure the cardio aspect of Insanity and the strength of throwing around a kb would be a nice mix. I will keep everyone posted. The issued is I always start a program and go well and then life happens where I have to take time off ie work, vacation, or hockey playoffs and that throws everything out of wack. So lets see how this goes.

Also, I am doing both barefoot. I may have low arches or something but I noticed when I do a lot of jumping and stuff the balls of my feel and arches burn and ache in addition to my heal slipping. Once I went to barefoot it was like I solved everything. I will keep you all posted.

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