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How to calculate BMR accurately?
I recently read somewhere that the Harris-Benedict formula overestimates calorific requirements in the overweight. With only 500 calories being the difference between losing and maintaining I am worried I may be eating too much. That being said I am doing Insanity and know some ppl end up havin to increase their calorie intake in order to keep losing weight as their metabolism increases.

Whats the best way to obtain an accurate BMR if you're overweight?
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RE: How to calculate BMR accurately?
12/29/12 12:28 PM as a reply to Fattybamboola.
How overweight are you? Harris Benedict is known to overstate calorie needs in fairly overweight people by about 5%-10%. So, at most, you're talking about a 250-300 calorie error. Given that it's a known issue, you might want to incorporate that error into your own calculation. So, let's say you are 100 lbs overweight, feel free to take 5% to 10% back off the number you're given by the Harris Benedict equation. Ie. For example, I ran a calculation of a 250 lb, 5'8" man, age 40. What I get for BMR is 2220 per day. If you assume a +10% error then you should really be around 2,000 per day. Given that all these things are estimates and not written in stone, you should ALWAYS pay attention to what is happening in the real world instead of sticking to strict formulas. If you're doing Insanity at a calorie deficit calculated using Harris Benedict as the basis and you're not having success, then it's probably time to tinker with your intake by decreasing by 200 or 300 calories.
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