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High metabolism, low BMI, help me get off on the right foot, plz.
High metabolism, low BMI, help me get off on the right foot, plz.
skinny p90x results and recovery formula p90x nutrition plan low bmi
12/29/12 7:53 PM

I'll be starting P90X in a few days and have a few questions about the P90X Nutrition Plan.

My Stats:

Age: 31
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 128
BMI: 19.5
Eyes: Blue (haha jk)


Since I have such a low BMI, I am concerned with Phase 1 of the P90X Nutrition Plan as it appears to focus on losing weight with a name like "Fat Shredder".

I would like some help on how to approach my first meals so that I'm not digesting my brain just because I have no energy stored. I need my brain. Heh.

I've also purchased the P90X Results and Recovery Formula and will be using that within 60 minutes of completing my workouts.

Thanks in advance!


PS - Pre P90X photo on profile.
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If losing weight is not your goal (which I'm guessing it isn't judging by your post and the weight you listed), you can skip the fat blasting phase and move on to the second phase. Another potential option would be that if the calorie calculator puts you in between meal plan calorie amounts (IE, say it puts you at 2100), you could start with the fat blaster phase for the high protein and then add the additional calories via carbs, which is actually what I've done before.
Ultimately, remember that the guide is just that--a guide, which uses an average. So if you eat the caloric amount it gives you, and are consistently starving and low on energy, then you can up the calories as needed.
Hope that helps. emoticon

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