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Opinions on this schedule?
Opinions on this schedule?
12/30/12 6:15 PM
For a long term plan, my current plan is to do Body Beast > X2/Asylum Hybrid > Asylum 1/2 advanced hybrid. And just kind of repeat that indefinitely until Beachbody gives me X3/Asylum3...whatever. haha.

I know these programs have different goals in mind, that's why I want to keep doing all of them. I like the pure strength component of Body Beast and all the balance/stability work of X2, and then just the full blown endurance/strength of the Asylum series. I don't think doing the programs like this works against themselves. I know in X2/Asylum especially the workouts compliment each other amazingly well.

But I just was interested to hear some others thoughts. I'll upload my exact schedules so you can look at the hybrids if you'd like or use them yourself.
Attachments: Asylum Volume 1 and 2 Advanced Hybrid.xlsx (200.1k), Body Beast.xlsx (135.3k), P90X2-Asylum Advanced Hybrid.xlsx (188.2k)
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