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P90X/P90X2/Asylum1&2/BodyBeast Ultimate Hybrid (Interchangeable)
P90X/P90X2/Asylum1&2/BodyBeast Ultimate Hybrid (Interchangeable)
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1/1/13 8:54 PM
Hey guys Chris here, this is my personal hybrid schedule that I have been seeing amazing results with just 6 weeks in. Im just putting it out on ehre to maybe give you all some ideas and maybe some of you guys can help my tweak it.

It follows a 7 day schedule, (I didnt start on a monday) and is broken into different phases that you can ultimately mix and match depending on your goals. The 2 basic pahses will be foundation and strength. Additional phases will be sculpt, performance, and mass. the 3rd phase is interchangeable, but me being an athlete I will do performance, probably followed by mass and then sculpt or maybe another round of strength. All phases can be done 3-6 weeks, I only did foundation 3 weeks, and I plan to do strength for 6 weeks, and the rest from there, I am not too sure. This program is complete customizable, if you dont have a certain workout, just substitute it for another one that works the same muscles. Need help customizing it? Shoot me a message or comment and I am sure we can figure something out.

This is the link to the official blog post of the schedule.
Phenom Hybrid X

Add Aslum Relief on any days you'd like.

PHASE 1 ( Foundation )
1. Balance & Power + ABX2
2. Plyocide
3. X2 Recovery
4. Strength + Ab Shredder
5. Off Day Stretch
6. X Trainer
7. X2 Recovery

Foundation just gets you ready for the upcoming phases, by utilizing full body workouts and X Trainer to prepare for the asylum and other workouts as well.

PHASE 2 (Strength)
Weeks 1,3,5
1. Upper Body Elite
2. Bulk Legs
3. Back & Biceps (P90X)
4. Chest Shoulder Tris X2
5. Back To Core
6. Vertical Plyo + ABX2
7. X2 Recovery or X2 Yoga

Weeks 2,4,6
1. Bulk Chest AND Bulk Back
2. Power Legs + Ab Shredder
3. Should & Arms (P90X)
4. Back to Six Pack
5. Chest Shoulder Tris X2
6. Bulk Legs
7. X2 Yoga or X2 Recovery

Strength multiplies muscle confusion by 2, providing a different schedule with mostly new workouts every other week. This hits all muscle groups 2-3 times a week.

PHASE 3 (Performance)
1. X Trainer
2. PAP Upper + Ab Shredder
3. PAP Lower
4. Off Day Stretch
5. Vertical Plyo
6. Game Day + ABX2
7. X2 Recovery

This is where asylum and p90x2 get married and give birth to the ultimate athletic workout program. There is plenty of agility training and power training along with conditioning involved.

PHASE X (Mass)
1. Bulk Chest + Bulk Back
2. Bulk Legs
3. V Sculpt X2mor Build Back & Biceps
4. Chest Shoulder Tris (P90X)
5. Power Legs
6. Bulk Arms + ABX2
7. X2 Recovery

5/6 of the workouts are straight lifting, Power Legs helps burn any unwanted fat while building the legs, but the majority is building muscle and strength.

Phase X (Sculpt)
1. Vertical Plyo + Overtime
2. Build Chest/Tris
3. V Sculpt + ABX2
4. Speed & Agility
5. Chest & Back (P90X)
6. Build Legs + Ab Shredder
7. X2 Recovery

This focuses on strength and muscle building, while throwing in 2 power/carido workouts from asylum to burn any extra fat gain and help sculpt the muscles you build.

1. X2 Yoga
2. X2 Recovery + Mobility
3. Speed & Agilit
4. Off Day Stretch
5. Core Syngergistics
6. Off Day Stretch
7. X2 Recovery + Mobility
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