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Low Impact Ab Workouts
Low Impact Ab Workouts
12/30/12 8:50 PM
I am looking to find an Ab Workout Program that is suited to "really out of shape abs". I am currently doing the Insanity program. I am not having trouble with the cardio, but I am having a lot of trouble with the ab portion. I pulled my lower right ab muscle the other day and was concerned that I might have herniated it. I have had 2 hernias repaired so far, so I know what they feel like. I have had 4 surgeries (all laser), but I have nine scars from the top of my rib cage down to the very bottom of my abdomin. I couldn't cough or sneeze for a couple of days.
Anyway, I need to find a "beginners ab program" that will gradually rebuild my abdomin. Anyone know of one? It would be GREATLY appreicated.
Have a very safe and Happy New Year!!!!
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