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Correct calorie intake for Les Mills Body Combat?
Hi all, quick question, in the first week it states that you take between 1200, 1500 i think or 2100 calories, is this right?

My aim is not to lose weight as I weigh 11 stone and 6 lbs, Ive completed insanity and p90x2 and I'm starting les mills ultimate warrior combat January 2nd 2013 but my aim is to bring out my 5th & 6th ab muscles to gain the 6 pack and lean upper body i require.

Do i stick with the 2700 calories I was taking in while doing P90X2 or do I change it for body combat?

At the moment i have a 4 pack and im also training twice a week at the gym for lean upper muscle so surely i would require to take in 2700 calories, any ideas?


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RE: Correct calorie intake for Les Mills Body Combat?
1/14/13 5:56 PM as a reply to dubbers25.
Greetings! I wanted to find out if you got your answer about calories and combat program?
Could you let me know?
Here's an idea, stick with 2700 calories with Les mills combat and see if you get the results you want. If you want to drop the calories then try 2500, 2100.
Combat is a high energy program your doing great !

I wish you the best in health and happiness


Team Motivfit

PS, I am sending you a buddy request.
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RE: Correct calorie intake for Les Mills Body Combat?
6/14/13 6:50 AM as a reply to LKOFARRELL.

I have tried ( weak attempt) p90x a few years ago. I recently became more active and started les mills combat. i weigh 226 pounds, 5'6". I am supposed to be eating 2700 calories or maybe 2100 is this right. It seems very hard to acquire that amount of healthy food in my work day. currently , i use the nutribullet in the morning ( 2 vegetables, one fruit with water) or 4 eggs ( one yellow, 3 whites) , midlunch: greek yogurt or protein shake ( low carb), lunch: salad with steak or greek or brown rice and lean protein, after lunch:another green drink / protein shake on the way home, dinner: lean meat, brown rice, veggies / beans. It has been 3 weeks since I started working out again. First serious week with Les Mills Combat, feeling better but questioning caloric intake..What is your recommendation to ENSURE weight loss and making sure I am taking in the appropriate amount? We have been conditioned to restrict calories and not to go below 1200, hard to understand eating 2700 calories all healthy choices. My goal is to once and for all transform my body and my life in a healthy way and be lean and feel strong.

Guidance needed.

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