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Whats the correct calorie intake for Les Mills Body Combat?
Hi guys, quick question, in the first week it states that you take between 1200, 1500 i think or 2100 calories, is this right?

My aim is not to lose weight as I weigh 11 stone and 6 lbs, Ive completed insanity and p90x2 and I'm starting les mills ultimate warrior combat January 2nd 2013 but my aim is to bring out my 5th & 6th ab muscles to gain the 6 pack and lean upper body i require.

Do i stick with the 2700 calories I was taking in while doing P90X2 or do I change it for body combat?

At the moment i have a 4 pack and im also training twice a week at the gym for lean upper muscle so surely i would require to take in 2700 calories, any ideas?


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RE: Whats the correct calorie intake for Les Mills Body Combat?
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1/2/13 12:01 PM as a reply to dubbers25.
Your calorie goal is dependent on your body's needs and how rigorous the workout are. For more intense workouts where you burn a lot of fuel you will need to eat more. For less intense workouts, well the opposite applies.

With that said most Beachbody programs start you out with a "fat shredder" phase so to speak and ramp up the calories as you progress. Since you already have a fitness base that shouldn't be necessary. You basically just need to make sure you continue eating healthy and fuel your body appropriately for the workouts.

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