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NEWBIE HELP !!vegetable Recipies and drinks that works out and taste goo
Hi everyone i started doing P90x because i wanted to look good , feel good and also try and win the heart of my beautiful purto rican female Lab partner and what better way to do that than getting in shape. I went to the super market recently and got a large array of fruits but i noticed even though fruits are ok they are high in sugar and can hinder my work results , so my question to you guys are what vegetables are best to eat that are low in sugar school starts back in 20 days and i want a big improvement before then so the least amount of sugar the better. I would love vegetable meal recipes and also drinks recipes with a juicer can someone help out a young college kid inlove ??? and if ur wondering im going for a lean and fit look not really wanna build muscles kinda going for a neal caffrey look emoticon

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While fruit has sugar in it, it is a healthier version than you would receive from table sugar. Everything in moderation!

Most vegetables are very low in sugar, with the exception of starchy ones, like potatoes, which your body will process similarly to sugar. I always just buy whats in season... asparagus, zucchini, squash, broccoli, or kale... whatever it may be.

Also, stock up on frozen veggies for quick solutions that last longer!

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I Agree with courtney. Fruits are fine just eat them in moderation. All veggies except potatos and corn. Corn has no nutrition value and can be processed into sugar as well.

I go cheap and easy and stock up on frozen fruits and veggies. Eat lots of lean proteins and mix in your fruits and veggies and you will be just fine! P90X is a great program and you will have great results with it! If you need anything while doing P90X hit me up.

Team Engage
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