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COMMITTED MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY - insane accountability
Hey All

So this thread is for any and all insanity go-ers.
Whether it is your first time, second, or third.

The goal of this thread - Everyone I join a fitness thread on here, it turns into simply posting that so and so completed day 5, or week 3. What I want from people who choose to do so, is to actually break down your work out. Talk about the entire thing from beginning to end. Identify your biggest success and obstacle, as well as your goal for next time. If you also choose to do so, analyze your nutrition - goals for the week, goals for tomorrow, improvements.

It's nice to go onto a thread and just say HEY i did this... but are you maximizing your potential? Are you really digging deeper?

I don't know all the answers, but together we can figure out the answers and really maximize our existence.

So, post your work outs each day, and analyze them.

I will personally be coming here each day to write about my work out.

Here is a format that some of you might like to follow:
-Program, Week, Day
-Summary of your feelings about your work out
-Successes during work out (ex: got through warm up without stopping, did 5 more in and out abs )
-Difficulties (felt gassed at the end of the second circuit, can't do pushups etc had to modify)
-Improvements/Goals for tomorrow: (do at least 15 seconds of each move, do 5 more push ups)
-Nutrition Summary : (hit 40/20/20, managed to eat more in the morning)
-Nutrition Goals/Improvements: (get protein up, limit the evening snacking)

Also post any things that you find to increase your ability to dig deeper
For instance, before I work out, I blast the "Party Rock Anthem"
I also post motivational pictures in my work out room directly in front of me, so instead of staring blankly I refocus.

If you want in, just simply post. THe more people that are interested, the more information will be on this thread. But in the least bit, I will be posting here myself each day, analyzing my work outs and posting a motivational picture that I feel related to my work out the most.

Hope to see you on board!

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RE: COMMITTED MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY - insane accountability
1/2/13 8:53 PM as a reply to CoachBrie.
Insanity, Day 8 - Cardio Power and Resistance

Today is my last day home for winter break, so I wanted to work out hard. I had a lot to do today and wound up beginning my work out at 9:30 PM - but better late than never. I felt mentally good going into this work out, and physically good after a rest day. I actually thought my body would be more ready, but I guess it is still repairing. I can feel it in my quads - I feel sluggish with anything that engaged my quads cardio like. I had a lot of steam for the first circuit, but definitely started falling behind for the second.

Successes: I really committed to the jumping exercises tonight. I made a goal to do atleast 15 power jumps in a row before even contemplating stopping for a rest. After about 15, my heart rate shoots up too high and I have to take a second or two for myself. Also, in my tricep dips, I challenged myself to dip even lower than usual. I definitely felt the difference. I also wanted to quit the work out during the last set of the second circuit - but instead, i hopped back into the globe jumps and finished at my own pace.

Difficulties: I ran out of steam at the second circuit. Also, I have wrist pain in my left wrist so I have to modify the tricep and shoulder press. Im hoping that wearing my brace again during the nights will help.

Improvements/Goals: Tomorrow, I simply aim to complete the work out. I have two flights tomorrow to go back to work - with all the traveling and back at a campus with 200 other peers, its hard to take time for myself and have the strength to take myself out of the "hype" to go work out

-Nutrition Summary : Today I hit 2100 calories (my goal) but with a 56/22/22 breakdown. I hit my goal of eating more in the morning and having smaller meals and snacks throughout the day.

-Nutrition Goals/Improvements: I want to hit my calorie goal of 2100 despite all of my traveling and there being no food at my campus. I will have to walk to the local store and buy groceries and snacks for the next few days until we get our budget.

It was difficult to stop packing and take the time to go work out - the bed sucked me in. But, I told myself "Okay, Ill just put on my trainers and work out gear, and then Ill see how I feel." About 10 minutes after I changed, I was in my basement digging deeper. Sometimes you just have to trick your mind.

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