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Started Insanity for the first time yesterday
I know you're supposed to start on a Monday, but I wanted to get to work the day I got the dvds in the mail. I figured that if I put it off for even one day, then I may start slacking down the road. (I am using a separate, home-made calendar to not be confused with the days, while the workouts remain exactly the same.)

My body has always been in decent shape, but my cardio is a different story. I have smoked for the last 5 years or so, and the intense amount of cardio in these workouts is really cutting my sessions shorter than I would like. Every time I hear Shaun yell and I see the bit of extra meat on my stomach and legs, I try to grind though, but can usually only manage a couple more reps before taking another break.

I am absolutely dreading my first 'pure cardio' workout, but I'm also not a quitter and I don't want to give up. How did you guys power through those first few days and pull it out?
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RE: Started Insanity for the first time yesterday
1/3/13 2:11 PM as a reply to DimeN3Pennys.
For me it was remembering why I decided to start in the first place, my daughter. When things got hard (trust me they do) and I didn't want to get up and put the work in I thought of her and picturing her growing up and that got me through it. Since making her my why I have lost 125 lbs and am in the best shape I have ever been in. INSANITY will get you your cardio endurance, I ran my second half marathon shortly after finishing the program without only two 6 mile runs as training and still shaved almost 20 minutes off the time of my first one.

All the success in INSANITY.

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