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Experience with cardio fitness gains/losses during Bodybeast
We've had a lot of discussion on the topic of doing more or less cardio during the Beast program. I'm curious what folks have experienced in terms of gains or losses in their cardio fitness by doing the Beast program with its very limited cardio.

I personally feel like I've lost very little cardio health doing the Beast. I typically do a short Insanity workout on the rest day, and sometimes I squeeze one in on arms or shoulders day. When I do those, the Insanity workout doesn't seem much harder than when I was doing Insanity and P90X regularly before I started beast. My resting heart rate has remained stable for nearly a year. So it would seem to me that I've lost very little heart and lung health during the Beast program, if that's a good measure.

I did Bulk:Legs today, with my heart rate monitor, and it showed an average rate of 146 for just over 40 minutes. That's pretty much the same reading I get on an Insanity workout, although I feel like I huff and puff more doing the Insanity stuff. But maybe my heart and lungs are getting some good workout in there, alongside Legs.

What do y'all think?
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I think you are seeing great results because you are doing some extra cardio work in with the program. I personally will do the same next time too as I did not the first time through and did loose some cardio strength. I will be actually looking at a Beast/Combat type of hybrid next to get the best of both worlds.

Great job.

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