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Thinking about doing Brazil Butt lift after P90X I'm a guy
I'm 19 5 ft 1 inch 96.8 pounds trying to gain 20 pounds eating more than ever and cutting cardio out to focus on weight training but after P90X, I was thinking about doing brazil butt lift, I'm part of a Beachbody group but just wondering is brazil butt lift good would I lose weight with the program like I want a hot booty Lol but is the program good?
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RE: Thinking about doing Brazil Butt lift after P90X I'm a guy
1/6/13 8:44 PM as a reply to Fitnessfreak158.
BBL has salsa-based cardio and then a lot of leg lifts and floor work that target your butt. You will lose weight on the program, but honestly the salsa-cardio has to be your thing.

I would suggest going on you tube and looking at brazil butt lift to see if it is something you will like. They have beachbody users that have filmed themselves doing the program so you can get a feel for it.
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