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1/6/13 9:12 AM
Hey guys

I'm trying to lose weight and tighten my core, and I came across this hybrid with running any suggestions, basically looking to start on 01/07/13
week 1,2,3
day 1
am:chest & back/p90x
pm:fire up your abs/revbs

day 2
am: mercy abs
pm: running 20MINS/ABRX

day 3
am:shoulders and arms/p90x
pm:total strength/revbs

day 4
am: mercy abs
pm: running 20MINS/ABRX

day 5
am:legs and back/p90x
pm:power intervals/revbs

day 6
am: mercy abs
pm: running 20MINS/ABRX

day 7
YOGA X/strech x or rest
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RE: p90x/revabs/running
1/6/13 10:23 AM as a reply to insideout26.
It looks like you are working your Abs every day in this schedule, you need to give the muscles a chance to recover in between workouts to get the results I think you are looking for.

I like the challenege and mixing up the body parts of the other aspects above (ie legs and back in the morning and power intervals inthe afternoon but on days 2 and 6 you are doing mercy abs in the morning and ABX in the afternoon.

Otherwise it looks good - with this type of schedule remember to SLEEP - make sure you give your body the fuel it needs to get through not just the workouts but also the day and 8 hours is a requirement! Your body needs the rest to build back what it broke down and get stronger.

What calorie intake are you currenlty eating? If you need help with this at all feel free to ask, I'll be happy to help out.

Congratulations on making the decision to be a healthier stronger person!

Coach Donna
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