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Not seeing the results!!! :-)
So I am on day 15 of The Asylum and I have an issue. I have not made any progress towards my weight loss/fat loss goals. I started at 219 and I am still at 219. I started with a 39 inch waist and I still have a 39 inch waist. My hips and chest have gone down by one inch. My thighs and arms are still the same. I do feel as if I am in better shape and more capable of keeping up with the video. I took a 15 day fit test and I have gone up slightly in all categories except for the agilility push ups and shoulder taps. I think my shoulders have been worked to death and have not been able to recover, which is why those two categories have not increased.

I am definitely eating better than I ever have. No starches after 3 pm. Only lean chicken breast, tuna and a lean steak once a weak. I grill all my meat. I drink about 64 ounces of water a day, plus shakeology but no juice, soda or milk. I am eating plenty of fruits, veggies, and nuts. I have much more energy and I feel much better than when I did before I started, but I do not see the results in the mirror or on the scale! What do I need to start doing to trim the love off of the handles?

If you are thinking that I am not working hard enough, just take my word for it that I am. I have always been big on proper form. I keep my butt down when I am in the planks and I bring my knees as high as I can every time. I feel the burn the entire video and I have almost busted my lip twice from slipping in the sweat puddles I create.

Am I just over reacting? Am I exactly where I should be? Or is there something that I am missing?
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RE: Not seeing the results!!! :-)
1/6/13 3:54 PM as a reply to SgtSoto.
Keep up the great work. You may not believe it right now, but, you are making great progress. I believe you are on the path to realizing your goals. The 15 day fit test shows that, give the program the same intensity you have been for the remainder of the workouts. At that time you can reasses the progress. Most people report experiencing a noticable difference in week 3 and beyond. Hopefully, you should be close to a breakthrough. One last thought, try to avoid the scale for a week or two. That wonderful piece of technology only tells part of the overall story emoticon
I hope this helps. Remember, you are not the first to be feeling this way so early, you've got a lot of company. I just finished the Body Beast and actually increased my waist size.....gonna be working on THAT!
I'll drop you a Buddy invite, no obligation but if you ever want to vent or share any concerns, drop me an e-mail
Keep moving Forward!
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RE: Not seeing the results!!! :-)
1/6/13 3:59 PM as a reply to SgtSoto.
If you're just starting your weight loss journey, I think it's normal, I had the same issue. You're body is building muscles and muscles weight a lot more (twice I think) than fat. So don't worry about the scale, you should see your results in your measurements. Are you eating every 2h30-3h ? It helped me boost my metabolism.
I can suggest you to eat less than 3 fruits per day and try to eat them before lunch because of the sugar.
FInally you should calculate your servings of nuts to be sure not to eat too much fat.
Keep going, You will definitely see results!!
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RE: Not seeing the results!!! :-)
1/6/13 5:03 PM as a reply to SgtSoto.
What you are experiences is very common. Many people go through this same thing. Here are few things I would be curious about:

1. How many calories are you taking in per day? It sounds like your diet is good, but you not be reaching the amount of calories you need each day to lose weight.

2. Are you using a journal of some type to track what you eat each day? Such as ?

You're working out hard, you're drinking water and are eating good foods.... it leads me to think that you might not be eating enough (or too many) calories each day.

If you'd like me to help and calculate how many calories you should be eating each day to have the energy to get through your workouts and your day I'd be happy to help.

Feel free to buddy request me as well.

Coach Donna
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