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cannot situps without having my toes/feet fixed
This is my first time using the team beachbody website. I am currently doing P90X. My question is related to Ab Ripper X and the exercises that require doing sit-ups with legs straight on the ground ("crossed leg/wide leg sit-ups" and "roll-up / V-up combos") w/out fixing my feet. I have never been able to do situps without having my toes/feet held or hooked under a fixed object (couch,etc.). I've been involved in sports my whole life: soccer, wrestling, working out, etc. -- and while I've been doing standard situps (knees bent and feet/toes fixed under something), I've never been able to do them w/out fixing my feet. So, I have 2 questions:

1) Do you have any tips that will help me accomplish sitting up w/out fixing my feet

2) I continue to do these exercises, but I can usually only do 1 or 2 w/out fixing my feet (but my feet/legs come off the ground and I use the weight of my legs to get me up), and then I put my feet under my couch and do the rest of the 23 or so reps -- since, I figure it's better to do them that way and work out my stomach as opposed to doing just 1 or 2 and stopping. Do you agree?

thank you,

Jay Mokotoff
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RE: cannot situps without having my toes/feet fixed
1/6/13 8:16 PM as a reply to JayMoko.
Ab Ripper X will challenge the heck out of you for the first time users. Its easier to lay your legs flat then have them bent so do them that way for sure. If your legs raise off the ground for awhile thats fine you will get stronger and eventually will stop doing that. Thats what your legs laying flat is for, the extra weight to help you get up. As you become more advanced and stronger you bend your legs.

Its not only working your abs but your core (flexers) as well. Thats why there isnt a modification for these exercises to fixate your feet under a couch ETC! Just keep trying your best and forget the rest! IF you can only do 2 or so thats fine. Pause it and when your ready do 2 more. But dont stress out about your legs coming off the ground on the way up that will improve with time!

Team Engage
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