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Returning to P90X (should never have left)
I completed my first round of P90X back in September of 2010 with great results. I started at 228.5lbs with high blood pressure (on meds) and finished at 204lbs and bp somewhere around 100>70 give or take. I was in the best shape I had been in years. I finally could take off my shirt when I went out to cut the lawn without feeling embarrassed. My self esteem was high and I was feeling great.

Since then, I have made half-hearted attempts to start another round of P90X more times than I can count. I tried Insanity, thinking a change of pace would spark some motivation in me to no avail. There was always some excuse not to work out. Flash-forward to today and I can hardly look at myself in the mirror. At 46 years old, 2 years removed from being in awesome shape, I have let myself balloon up to 241.5lbs. I can't even tie my shoes without being out of breath. I am slowly killing myself with this lifestyle. But, no more...

Today I am digging out the P90X DVDs, dusting off the weights and getting busy. One day at a time. One DVD at a time. One exercise at a time. One rep at a time. I will reclaim my body and my life.
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RE: Returning to P90X (should never have left)
1/9/13 2:47 PM as a reply to Craig315.
That is awesome, way to make the decision to get back on the horse! You totally have the right idea one day at a time, you can't finish a marathon without taking a bunch of small steps. I know exactly what you are about to go through, I have lost 125 lbs and 16 inches off my waist since deciding to get fit. You got in shape before so you know what it takes now all you have to do is get out and do it.

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