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Should I do kempo with lower back pain?
Yesterday, I went to the gym to try out the deadlift. On some repetitions I had bad form, which is why I'm sore in my lower back.

Today it's Kempo day and I'm wondering, should I do it or should I do something else (like stretch), until the pain goes away?

Or should I just try to do Kempo as best as I can? Pace myself?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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RE: Should I do kempo with lower back pain?
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1/9/13 2:58 PM as a reply to ketfrigg.
Depends on how bad it really is. Is it really bad pain or just a dull pain you can get through? I wouldnt push yourself to hard either way but it its minor BE CAREFUL and do some of the moves that dont hurt in kenpo. The ones that hurt it skip it or run in place or do some other form of cardio jump rope, jacks etc! Do what you think your body can handle just dont push yourself to where you hurt yourself worse!

Or do the stretch X and try the kenpo tomorrow if you feel better. Hope this helps emoticon

Team Engage
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RE: Should I do kempo with lower back pain?
1/9/13 11:11 PM as a reply to CoachCorrieMac.
Thank you for your reply.

The pain is equal to soreness, so I don't think I've hurt myself doing the deadlift.

I did about 40minutes of kempo, I skipped some of the kick exercises at the end, because it was getting unpleasantly uncomfortable.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer emoticon
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