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Diet plan for insanity
Diet plan for insanity
1/10/13 2:01 PM
Hello nutrition gurus!

I'm preparing for insanity starting in 3 weeks. I've cleared most of the junk out of my cupboards and I'm looking for advice on what I should be eating.

I'm 1.95m tall (6'5") and weigh 91kg. I'm looking to get rid of some fat but not lose weight. The nutrition guide would indicate I need about 3500kcals and a minimum of 180g of protein. This is what I've come up with:

100g porridge with water
2slices whole meal toast
2 teaspoons of strawberry jam (jelly to my American cousins)
500ml water
622 kcals, 20g protein, 7.5g fat, 152g carbs

40g raisins
50g almonds
emoticonz plain yoghurt
667kcals, 21.3g protein, 32.4g fat, 83.1g carbs

Tinned tuna
1tbsp mayo
4 slices wholemeal bread
500ml water
682kcal, 38.7g protein, 16.1g fat, 93g protein

48g whey protein
2tbsp peanut butter
376kcal, 44g protein, 20.1g fat, 9.3g carbs

WORKOUT (during and post-)
3 scoops Meal replacement shake
563 kcals, 45g protein, 4g fat, 80g carbs

150g of either chicken/steak/tuna steak/venison
200g brown rice
Mixed veg portion
485 kcals, 55g protein, 7g fat, 46g carbs

And there you have it. A total of about 3500kcals, 190g protein, 90g fat and 450g of carbs.

I'd really appreciate any tips/tweaks/comments and constructive criticisms.

Over to you...
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RE: Diet plan for insanity
1/10/13 4:51 PM as a reply to PaulF78.
Seems like you have your nutrition down pretty well. The main focal point is to spread your meals out like you have and eat 5-6 times a day. Good luck on starting Insanity! Let me know if you have any more questions.
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RE: Diet plan for insanity
1/11/13 5:26 AM as a reply to PaulF78.
Your total calories looks pretty high, can you advise how you came up with that number please ?
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RE: Diet plan for insanity
1/12/13 12:42 AM as a reply to PaulF78.
@coachfrontiera, thanks for the tips.

@ dominicduclos Hi Dominic, I think it's because I'm quite a big guy. I just used the formula from the insanity nutrition guide. It went like this:

66 +
(6.23 x 198) +
(12.7 x 77) -
(6.8 x 34)
Total = 2045

Multiplied by 1.7 for high activity (i.e. doing insanity) gives a daily total of 3500ish
No calorie deficit because I'm not looking to lose weight particularly, just replace fat for muscle. If its not giving me results after 4 weeks, I'll probably need to cut 500kcals a day, right?

How would you calculate my requirements based on my height, weight and goals? (1.95m, 91kg)

Thanks a million for taking an interest.
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