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should i increase my calories right away?
should i increase my calories right away?
p90x diet body fat healthy food calorie intake six pack p90x diet protein powder
1/14/13 2:28 AM
I am 15 year old male 5'11'' 150lbs 12% body fat i want to build muscle and lost fat and i don't really know how to do that. I did lose 20 pounds the last couple of months and went down 8% in body fat. my diet was all healthy food and was 1500-1700 calories a day. If i were to gain muscle i would have increase my calories to 2200-2400 can i do this because i am young and have a good growing metabolism or can i not because that would be too much. i have some protein powder and a recovery drink that adds up to almost 1000 calories so can i take those and then just eat healthy or not? i am having a really hard time eating to increase my calories slowly though because i have a good diet can anyone help with me if i need to increase my calories slowly how to do that? Also i really want a six pack i a currently doing p90x for more then a month now i am wondering if that will give a six pack. also do you need to cut to get a six pack or should i start to build
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